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City People Mega-Pack Low-Poly Rigged Characters With Palette Variants

city people low-poly character crowd pack

Each character in the City People Mega-Pack has been meticulously crafted by hand, creating the most diverse and colorful crowd imaginable in optimized Low Poly Style. This vibrant collection includes one hundred individuals spanning various age groups, including kids, teens, adults, and elders, all dressed in an array of casual, formal, and professional outfits.

Originating from 3ds Max and standardized for quality using custom scripts, this collection has been expertly exported in FBX and OBJ formats. It’s also been tested for compatibility with the Humanoid System of the Unity Game Engine, ensuring a seamless experience for your creative projects.

Use Cases

Low Poly Style has gained interest from advertising agencies and game developers due to a combination of appealing aesthetics and resource economy. With minimalistic polygonal shapes you achieve strong and beautiful images that at the same time are easier to handle by designers without needing extraordinary skills, long time-consuming processes or great hardware power. So, Low Poly is even good for the environment!

WebGL/Mobile/AR/VR applications and games

Low-Poly assets find their definitive home on mobile and web apps. This style shines on limited constraints platforms, achieving smooth responsiveness without sacrificing the artistic beauty. This Low Poly People Mega Pack goes a little further taking out the need for several textures from the formula, unifying the solution into a single master palette of colors. Each 3D model’s topology is clean and manually optimized. A simple general-purpose rig tested and compatible with the Unity Humanoid system.

Test demo: Animation demo. Switch between two characters and test animations.

Case study: Cashier 3D, a mobile App with 10 million downloads.

Illustration and Explainer Videos

The simplicity needed to construct an idea that makes it easy to understand to the audiences is very often expressed using flat design illustrations and animations. These Low Poly characters have been textured with that in mind so they can be rendered as “flat” or “unlit” shading, allowing for solid integration with 2D illustrations.

Case study: Wall Street Journal explainer video.

Architecture Visualizations

It does not make much sense to add half a million polygons realistic character to your scene that already has millions of polygons. The project becomes unstable. It also may fall in the uncanny valley because with realistic character you need realistic animation and believable human details.

Low Poly comes to the rescue. You can add this whole pack of 100 stylized characters to your scene increasing the polygon count only by 100,000! The scene remains lightweight and the character’s minimalistic design doesn’t attract the attention of the viewer in an unpleasant way. On the other hand, they preserve the focus on the main subject, the building structures, while enriching the image with a sense of proportions.

Try before you buy

Try these free samples before purchasing.

Technical Specifications

Character count 110
Rigged file formats MAX(Native), FBX
T-Pose file formats MAX, FBX, OBJ
Textures variants 20+ (256px X 256px)
Real scale  Yes (Centimeters)
Rigging (3ds Max) Biped + Skin modifier
Engine Compatibility Tests Unity 2020.3
Animations Yes (download free)

Texture Variants: 20+ 

All the characters use a compatible palette color system that allows easy switching and customization. This allows the following features:

  • All characters can share a unique texture.
  • The texture can be switched to any of the provided variants.
  • Regions on the texture image define parts of the model.