3D Models Mega Search

Maybe you are not satisfied with your marketplace search engine and also want to search for 3d Models on  all mayor websites at the same time. Then you may find this tool useful.

Most 3d market places search engines lack of flexibility of letting you write down quick keywords with wrong spelling and suggest similar keywords. And most time are limited to user submitted tags.

Try this search at TurboSquid: carton dona1d trunp  At the time I’m writing this (nov/2018)TurboSquid still shows  “Sorry, no results were found for your search.”  without suggesting any similar keywords.

Let’s repeat now using “our” google tech: carton dona1d trunp (scroll down after click). 

Search 3D Marketplaces

This is a Custom Google Search refined to find results on the following Top 10 websites: turbosquid.com, cgtrader.com, sketchfab.com, highend3d.com, shapeways.com, daz3d.com, renderosity.com, archive3d.net, free3d.com, 3dsky.org