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Free Low Poly Style Policewoman and Doctor 3D Characters

A policewoman and a doctor! What could you do with this team? They are available for free download in the popular Low Poly 3D style. Most of the time, simpler is better.


  • These models are made with 3Ds Max, with only around 900 polygons in each.
  • The unit system is 1 unit = 1 cm, and real estimated human proportions were used.
  • The material is simple standard with diffused color.
  • The texture is small 256×256 pixels shared between them, one polygon, one color. “UV Mapped” using this MaxScript Poly Paint Tool.
  • They preserve the Symmetry modifier for easy customization.
  • Setup: Rigged with the 3Ds Max Biped system and Skin modifier.
  • Skeleton structure is compatible with Unity humanoid rig. (Tested!)
  • LICENSE: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license (Attribution is required!)
  • Now available with a compatible FREE animation pack! Enjoy!

Ask me anything on Twitter or show me something cool you did with this!

Premium Bundle: More Low Poly Character Professions

The premium bundle at TurboSquid contains 20 low poly characters, each of them different in facial features, body structure, and outfit, representing 7 different professions:

  • Construction workers (5)
  • Doctors and nurses (5)
  • Police officers (3)
  • Waiters (2)
  • Chefs (2)
  • Firefighters (2)
  • Delivery guy (1)