Free Lowpoly Donald Trump 3D Character

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Free Lowpoly Donald Trump 3D Character

Lowpoly Donald Trump 3D Character is a minimalist artistic representation inspired by the most relevant features of the real person. Rigged in 3ds Max and ready to use for animations and games. Includes FBX format and Unity Demo.

Brought for you, by me, for FREE download using Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.: It’s free for everything including commercial stuff except reselling/redistributing the models files.  Just give me some appropriate credits pal!  Write my name somewhere like this:

“Trump Character created by Denys Almaral” 

And much better linking (if possible) my name to this my website:

And even better, if you love sharing like me,  provide a link to this blog post to others so they can also download our little Trump.

Ok, lets go to the files!

Inside the following folders you will find the model in 3ds Max 2014 format and FBX.  More features and content will be added later..


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LowPoly Trump Technical Specifications:

Free Lowpoly Donald Trump 3D Character

– Seriously, the polygon count is 666 (The triangle count may be double).
– Unit system: 1cm = 1unit.
– Rigged: Biped + Skin.
– Skeleton friendly with Unity humanoid type.
– Rig works also well with UE4
– The texture only defines flat colors.

Free Lowpoly Donald Trump 3D CharacterPremium Trumpish characters?
Take a look at TurboSquid for my real-time Trump for games, or high quality Trump for off-line rendered animations and simplified lowpoly unlit Trump for Mobile.

Making an augmented reality with Vuforia and Unity in 6 minutes with Lowpoly Donald Trump

Matthew Hallberg made this awesome video that has become the #1 introductory tutorial for anyone wanting to create augmented reality apps with animated characters featuring my lowpoly Trump.

#LowpolyTrumpByDenys Updates:

Added CAT rig contribution by Sinchicay CG Artist
– Created Unreal Engine 4 third person walking demo (watch video).
– Rigging done!  Uploaded files as  .MAX and FBX.
– Added animations: Walk, Iddle, Say china!
– 3D character modeled and textured.