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Skip UV Mapping: DA Poly Paint for Unity

DA Poly Paint is a straightforward and handy tool for Unity, designed for those who enjoy working with low-poly models. It’s an adaptation of the pX Poly Paint for 3ds Max, allowing you to bring the same functionality into the Unity environment.

Why DA Poly Paint?

DA Poly Paint makes it easier to customize your low-poly style models directly within Unity. While it’s a simple tool, it fills a niche where alternatives might fall short, saving you time on traditional UV mapping and texturing tasks.

How to Get Started

You can find DA Poly Paint on the Unity Store or download it from the GitHub repo.

Features and Tools

  • Brush: Paint individual triangles or quads.
  • Full Repaint: Apply a selected color to the entire model.
  • Fill: Paint areas with various modes like Flood, Replace, and Element.
  • Loop: Paint along quad loops with directional control.
  • Pick: Sample colors directly from the 3D object surface.
  • Mirror Cursor Axis: Mirror the current tool cursor along a selected axis.
  • Remap To Texture: Seamlessly switch between color palettes preserving the look of the model.

Requirements and Compatibility

DA Poly Paint requires a mesh with a Mesh Filter or Skinned Mesh Renderer component and a material with a diffuse texture assigned.

Support the Project 🚀

If you find DA Poly Paint useful, consider supporting it by checking out my City People Mega-Pack. Your support helps keep the project going. 🎨🌈

Need Help?

Join the PolyChat forum or contact me via direct e-mail.