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Downtown Couple Free 3D Characters in Low Poly Style

free 3d models couple

New pair of 3D characters you can download for your animations, ideally for Unity mobile games with this optimized Low Poly style and a single small texture. He is a successful software engineer and she an emerging TikTok star.


  • These models are made with 3Ds Max, with only around 1000 polygons each.
  • The unit system is 1 unit = 1 cm, and real estimated human proportions were used.
  • The material is a simple standard with diffused color.
  • The texture is small, 256×256 pixels shared between them, one polygon, one color. “UV Mapped” using this MaxScript Poly Paint Tool.
  • They preserve the Symmetry modifier for easy customization.
  • Setup: Rigged with 3Ds Max Biped system and Skin modifier.
  • Skeleton structure is compatible with Unity humanoid rig. (Tested)
  • LICENSE: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license (Attribution is required!)

Ask me anything on Twitter or show me something cool you did with this!

Premium Downtown Bundle

lowpoly downtown people bundle

The free sample is part of a bigger bundle. A set of 20 low poly characters with various body shapes, distinctive faces and unique outfits. 10 men and 10 women.


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