Donald Trump High Quality 3D Caricature (Free Promotion ENDED)

Donald Trump High Quality 3D Caricature (Free Promotion ENDED)

Many people are saying, this is the best 3D Trump caricature of the Internet. Believe me.  After 2 years on  TurboSquid it has more downloads than any other president ever, specially Obama. Winning bigly!

Today on CyberMonday we’re going to make Trump 3D Model free. Denys is tired of winning, he’s a great guy. This is a gift for the incredible men and women of the Internet that are Making Satire Great Again.

NOTE! This wonderful promotional FREE download lasted for more than 6 months! If you missed the opportunity you can still purchase the premium version:

Premium Rigged Trump 3D character the best deal

Donald Trump High Quality 3D Caricature (Free Promotion ENDED)

  • Rigged with 3ds Max Biped system and Skin modifier. The system is rigged, anyway I win!
  • 36 nicely crafted face expressions, no body does better morph targets than Denys.
  • .PSD  sources are included apart from the .PNGs textures for easy customization.
  • Covfefe
  • Includes a Mexican Mariachi outfit as a separated model. We love Mexican people!
  • Unreal Engine 4 project Demo! Ninja is so overrated, I can beat him at Fortnite!
  • Unity 5 project Demo! Unity… UE4… many nice people from both sides.
  • LICENSE: TurboSquid Royalty Free.

Demo Youtube Video

Buy at TurboSquid

More Trump Alternatives

Another free version: There is a complete free LowPoly version that everyone love! Huge!

Another premium version: This stylized Mobile Version is lightweight and optimized to run nicely on any real-time app.

Thanks for your support! We reached the lowest unemployment rate in history thanks to you! Comment bellow or discuss on the forum, and subscribe here to never miss again any cool thing I publish on this blog!


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