pX Quick Morph Sliders Creation Tool for 3Ds Max


pX Quick Morph Sliders Creation Tool for 3Ds Max

pX Quick Morph Sliders is a great time saver MacroScript for automated creation of slider controls using shapes. It only takes a few clicks and you’ll have controls wired to morph channels.

– Mixing up to 4 channels.
– Restoring controls.
– Creating multiple or selected.
–  Name prefix and shape colors.
– Visual feedback!

Right-Click>Save as to download or see on Github here.


Quick Start

– Install pxQMorphSliders.ms on your 3Ds Max.
– Customize your menus: Category: ‘pX Tools‘, item: ‘MorphSliders‘.
– Open Quick Morph Sliders floater.
– Select an object with the Morpher modifier applied.
– Click: ADD MORPH CHANNELS to feed the list.
– Click: Create simple sliders.
– Done! 😀 All of your morpher channels now have simple shape controls wired to them.


pX Quick Morph Sliders Creation Tool for 3Ds Max

Demo video:

Note: The scene in the video is included with the script download. It is a cartoon-style mouth with 6 morph targets!

User Interface reference:

pX Quick Morph Sliders Creation Tool for 3Ds Max

Add morph channels: Click this button to get all morph channels from the selected objects.

Channel List: Morph channel names list.

Selected Item Only: Create simple sliders from the selected items on the list.

Skip wired: Skip morph channels if already connected by wire parameters.

Create simple sliders: Create simple slider shapes ready for animation.

Restore controllers (unwire): Disconnects wire parameters and restores Beizer Float controllers.

Remove All, Remove Selected: Remove morph channels from the list.

4 Channels: Mix Slider, Up, Down, Left, Right:  Assigns morph channels to any of the four directions a mixer slider can move.

Create Slider Mix: Creates a slider mixing up to 4 channels.

Prefix: Add a prefix to every shape object created by this tool.

Size, Slider color, Base color: Customize appearance.

Please leave a comment to let me know if this script was useful to you. Share your Max version and tell me if it has any problems, crashes, or bugs!



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