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Crabby Ball 2D Game (beta) Made with Unreal Engine 4 in 20 days

Crabby Ball  (Click to enlarge)

My game development dream has been reborn thanks to Unreal Engine 4.

On December 3rd, 2014, I re-subscribed to download 4.6 (before going free!), and decided to get serious this time in learning blueprint programming with UE4 editor. I tried before, but only watched some videos and sample demos. This time, after an intense week of tutorials and examples exploration, I decided to start my first simple 2D game for Android devices, experimenting with this gameplay.

With only 20 days of full work, I could release a modest Beta version and even publish it to Google Play! Here it is a game-play demo:

Crabby Ball is a simple 2D physics platformer in which you have to control the ball with little Crabby’s head. The objective is to try to cross it over or through a colorful sign. It currently has 12 levels.

Now I want to finish it but the hardest part is to finish a complete game, no matter how simple it is. With the great news that UE4 is now free, I have a new motivation to keep learning and working with the best engine in the world 🙂
Blueprints are AWESOME because it is not a simple scripting language, it is a visual script with all the benefits of Object Oriented Programing! (If I am going to make a game with scripts only, I do not accept any engine script without OOP. Why? Because when your game start to grow big, things will become very messy and repetitive, and good OOP can solve it)

Remember, the game is still a work in progress! However, you can already try the first 12 levels.

UPDATE:  I didn’t update the Google Play version anymore so it went down. I was demotivated because of problems with UE4 physics and big APK file sizes, and device incompatibilities.  Download demo for PC on here.

Thanks! Any comments or questions would be very appreciated!


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If you want to begin with Unreal Engine, a good starting point is Unreal Engine Youtube Channel, then download UE4 and start playing with it! (Literally speaking, because you play your game inside the Editor).

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Enjoy UE4 free!